Talks & Lectures

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October 16, 2015 – Lecture at the University of Minnesota’s Institute for Advanced Study
October 12, 2015 – Myths of Discovery: Re-Thinking the Meaning of Columbus Day
  • This podcast is an edited recording of a public forum held on October 7, 2015 in Philadelphia. It contains two twenty-minute lectures. The first is by Rev. Dr. John Norwood, a Lenni Lenape tribal leader who delivers a strong critique of Christopher Columbus. In the second lecture, I place in historical context the rise of Columbus as both a national and an ethnic figure. I also describe how both Scandinavian immigrants and the New England cultural elite used Viking discovery narratives to prove that America was “discovered” by Anglo Saxons.
American Myths Sermon Series

The sermon “Myths of Discovery and the Desire to Acquire,” takes a critical look at the history of Columbus Day celebrations and the notion that North America was discovered.

Was the U.S. founded as a Christian nation? Politicians like Mike Hucakabee would like you to think so. This message “Myths of a Christian Nation” sets the record straight.

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