Interview w/Heather R. White: Reforming Sodom

Dave Krueger speaks with Heather R. White, visiting professor in Religion, Queer, and Gender Studies at the University of Puget Sound. Heather is the author of Reforming Sodom: Protestants and the Rise of Gay Rights, published by the University of North Carolina Press in 2015. This interview was originally released as Episode #45 of MRB Radio’s First Impressions program … Continue reading Interview w/Heather R. White: Reforming Sodom

Indie Scholar Podcast w/Dave Krueger

We all know that successful completion of graduate school does not guarantee a job with a living wage. Today, more than 50% of faculty appointments are part time and over 70% are NON-tenured positions. It is increasingly difficult for many to make a living as a higher ed instructor. These scholars and educators are faced with difficult choices. Some leave … Continue reading Indie Scholar Podcast w/Dave Krueger